We're More than a Bank, we're a Tradition.

Our Story

Eleanor Yoakum

Eleanor Yoakum

Like the stately oak tree, whose symbol has always been an integral part of our name, First Century Bank has solid roots that were laid down many years ago.

Near the end of the 19th century, in the fall of 1899, an infant bank was chartered in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee-Claiborne National Bank. Its first president, George Montgomery, guided the bank through many challenges and the bank prospered. In October 1919, marking its 20th anniversary, the bank changed its name to Claiborne County Bank and retained this name for almost 70 years until First Claiborne Bank was established. The most recent transformation occurred in 2000 as the bank became First Century Bank.

In the fall of 1936, at the young age of 23, Glenn Yoakum began his career at the bank as a teller. Banks were having a difficult time recovering from the Great Depression and the East Tennessee community, along with the rest of the country, was suffering from the greatest economic disaster in history. Yet, First Century Bank survived, as did our community.

Glenn Yoakum learned the value of friends, community, and trust firsthand. Upon the death of J. T. Hughes, Mr. Yoakum took over the reins of the bank and began to raise his family in the rich Appalachian hills, passing along these essential beliefs to his children. As his daughter, Eleanor Yoakum recalls, To me, the bank was more than bricks and mortar, or even a business; it was a family of people serving the community in a spirit that was unique and special to us.

At First Century Bank, the tradition of community continues to grow from the solid roots laid down those many years ago, like the stately oak tree whose symbol has been an integral part of our name since Mr. Yoakum left us this legacy. It is with deep pride and satisfaction that Ms. Yoakum speaks of the third generation of her family that now accepts the solemn responsibility to maintain and further this unique spirit. In 1998, her son, Rob Barger, joined the bank full-time as Business Development Officer at the Emory Road office. Rob is now the bank's President.

"Our family has been a part of this bank since 1936. It has been an honor and a tremendous responsibility. I am pleased to offer this brief historical perspective of First Century Bank." Eleanor Yoakum, Chairman of the Board.


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Name Changed to First Century Bank

First Century Bank Logo

On May 17, 1999, the Board of Directors approved to change the name of First Claiborne Bank to First Century Bank.

Rob Barger becomes President

Rob Barger

The Great Recession (2007-2009)

The Great Recession began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009, which makes it the longest recession since World War II.

Maryville Office Established

Maryville Office

1522 W Broadway Ave, Maryville, TN 37801

Refreshed Logo Released

Official First Century Bank Logo

Our Mission

Our mission is clear, “service the financial needs of the community and our customers”. In doing this, we employ a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals who make it a priority to know our products, to know our customers, and to give back to the communities we call home. We operate as a team…Team FCB.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple…“Customer First”. At First Century Bank our customer’s are our First Priority! You are not just a number or grade on a complicated scale. You are a customer with a family, a community, and financial needs. We recognize that all three are key to excellent customer service. As our First Priority, when you walk into FCB you will be greeted at first glance by your First Name.


“Striving for excellence as we meet your financial needs.” Rob Barger, CEO

Board of Directors

First Century Bank combines an exceptional level of personalized service and local decision-making.

  • Eleanor Yoakum, Chairman of the Board
  • Rob Barger, President, CEO
  • Danny Stone, Director
  • Dr. Carroll Rose, Director
  • William Dunavant, Jr., Director
  • Dr. George Day, Director
  • Greg Garren, Director
  • Howard Phillips, Director
  • Jennifer Lovin, Secretary of the Board

The Bank's Customers are its most important asset.

High-quality customer service is a foremost priority of this bank. No other part of an employee's job comes first. Only through the accomplishment of high-quality customer service can we reach our profitability goals.

Our next most important asset is the Bank's employees.

Without dedicated responsible employees, it would be impossible for the bank to be a responsible employer. All bank employees will be provided the necessary training needed to allow them the opportunity to achieve peak performance. All bank employees will be treated with dignity and respect. All will be given equal opportunity and a fair wage without respect to race, color, sex, age, physical disability, religion, or national origin.

Our customers have known for decades that First Century Bank is a responsible business that provides high quality service. If you are not already banking with us, give us a try and allow us to show you why we are the only bank you will ever need!